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Meet Sue

Sue has over 20 years of experience practicing alternative health and has been a Natural Health Practitioner since 1996.  She is passionate about helping her clients and educating them on inner healing.  Sue specializes in Reiki, as a Certified Reiki Master and Teacher, as well as, Chakra Balancing. Everyone is going through something, and by taking a natural approach to healing elements such as pain, discomfort and trauma, a more positive and enlightening experience in conjunction with traditional allopathic medicine can be achieved.

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Why Alternative Health

Alternative Health is about caring for yourself as a whole, which encompasses your physical, mental, spiritual and social well-being.  It focuses on healing pain and disease by balancing out other parts of your life. Sleep, nutrition and stress can affect your body more than you know, therefore, adopting health plans with these things in mind is important with alternative health care.  Please note this does not replace your Medical Doctor's care.



Sue offers a wide variety of services ranging from Reiki Sessions, Reiki Certificate Courses, Chakra Balancing and Activation, Bach Flower Remedies and so much more.

Sue's passion is teaching and she is offering a variety of courses for those looking to learn more about her approach and what it encompasses.



Our online shop is ready and we are adding new products as we go!  Bath Salts, Sage Sprays, Room Sprays, Moisturizing Creams, Crystals, Chakra Bracelets and other jewelry, Healing Card Sets, Pendulums and so much more at your fingertips. 

Products are available for shipping and local pick-up

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Courses & Events

Sue offers a variety of courses for beginners to becoming a Practitioner yourself and the courses vary in length.

Reiki Level 1&2

Reiki Advanced Practitioner Level

Reiki Master Level

Ascension Chakra Workshops

Chakra Activation Workshops

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