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Sue has a wonderful gift of making me feel relaxed, fulfilled and re-energized after my Reiki and Hot Stone Massage session.  Her personality is warm and inviting. Sue is knowledgeable and passionate about the services she provides. 


I have had the pleasure of experiencing every treatment that Healing Touch Therapies offers and I am amazed at how wonderful I feel after. The first reflexology treatment blew me away on how she was able to clear so many blockages. Her massage, from the top of your head to the tips of your toes is so heavenly and the best I have experienced. Sue's Hands-on Reiki Session is so relaxing to my soul, I feel all the stress melt away. I have also received Sue's Bach Flower treatments which are custom made for me to help me through many stressful situations. I highly recommend Sue of Healing Touch Therapies to help you on your healing journey.


The Bach Flower Remedies therapy was a life saver for me, and it may also have been the woman behind the product that helped me so much!


I have had the pleasure of receiving Reiki Balancing, Reflexology, Hot Stone Massage and training on the use of a Pendulum from Sue.  Her knowledge and ability to get to the root of an issue is amazing.  She customizes all Bach Flower remedies to your needs and makes the experience very unique and personalized.  I would recommend Sue to any one looking for a natural approach to ailments and improvement of life in general.

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